Monday, 16 November 2009

Gadget queen

Oh God. I've just got an i-phone. It is totally overwhelming. I feel about 100 years old. My reaction to discovering all its many features reminds me of my grandma when she first saw a video recorder: "eeeh, the things they can do these days". And my fingers are too big for the tiny little keys (I am a big boned lass of peasant heritage). Of course they aren't actually 'keys'. They are magic places on a glass screen, presumably operated by fairies or elves.

I think this might have been a mistake. Do I really want to be an i-phone person? I don't work in meedja. I don't own a Mac (I'm a PC as the advert goes). My life isn't really exciting or dynamic enough to require 24 hour access to the internet. I feel as if I am not cool enough to flash it about in public, so I self-consciously edge it out of my pocket to see if I have messages, rather than waving it about ostentatiously. But what is the point of having an i-phone when you don't wave it about ostentatiously?

Oh dear. Is it too late to put my sim back in my trusty old sony ericsson?


  1. The point can now do mobile blogging. Should the urge come over you. They take very good photos. My girls have them, I still have an ancient Motorola, but I have been looking...

  2. It would take me about an hour to type a post on the teeny-tiny keypad!