Saturday, 9 January 2010

I'm back!

Well here I am again, at last. Virtually and physically, in that I'm back blogging and back home after our Christmas trip.

Where have I been? Here's a clue:

Recognise it?

How about this..........?

No? I think this will give it away .....

Yes. We were in Sydney for two weeks, visiting my sister and her family. We also spent 3 days in Melbourne, catching up with a friend whom we met 12 years ago on our honeymoon and whom we haven't seen since. It was great to catch up and amazing how comfortable and relaxed things were right away.

The sharper eyed amongst you will notice that despite the fact that December is high summer 'down under', the weather in these pics is dull and cloudy. This was definitely a case of 'be careful what you wish for'. For the first few days, with the temperature hitting the mid 30s, we spent the whole time whingeing that it was soooo hot. From Xmas day onwards, it rained most of the time!  Although it was a shame not to see everything against a bright blue sky, it was probably better for us to put up with a bit of rain and benefit from slightly cooler temperatures. We still moaned about the weather though, in that great British tradition. It makes me laugh that the most frequently used 'app' on my whizzy i-phone is the weather app. I've got a variety of places programmed in, so I can check up on the temperature and forecast at the mere touch of a button, or as I should say in the case of the i-phone, the stroke of a screen. So, whilst we were in Sydney, I would regularly be exclaiming - "My God, it's 38 degrees in Sydney and its -6 in Edinburgh!". Or, "Thank God, it's forecast to be cloudy and 26 degrees in Sydney for the next 3 days..."

Neither C and I are built for hot climates. I don't like extreme heat (and by extreme, I confess I mean anything above about 28 degrees) but I do like a bit of sun and warmth. C however is never happier than when in drizzle, or gale-force winds, or sleet. It's the celtic genes I think. 

Ironic then that we managed to be across the other side of the world and miss the first white Christmas in the UK for years. Not that we've missed the snow though. I know everyone here is sick of it by now, but I'm still thrilled, having only been experiencing it since Monday. Plus, I can walk to work and to the shops etc, so it's not really an inconvenience. Since we've been back, the i-phone has been out regularly so I can check my weather app and exclaim - It's minus 10 in Edinburgh - and it's 32 degrees in Sydney! Does it make me weird that I am much happier in the minus 10 than in the plus 32 degrees?Sydney Harbour under cloud.


  1. I can take any amount of heat but I detest humidity. I love the cold as well, but again I prefer dry cold...
    It must have been great to have a bit of winter sun and see all those marvellous sights.

  2. I totally agree about the dry cold. Dry cold is marvellously invigorating. Humidity or damp is just wearisome - whether cold or hot.