Sunday, 14 February 2010

Call me sentimental .....

I went to see The Sound of Music on stage last week. It was great. Laughter, tears, more tears. There are two reasons I cry at The Sound of Music. Firstly, because my mother loved it and we used to watch it together when I was a child. I even had the sheet music and I would bash away at the songs on the piano, whilst my Mum sang (I could never sing and play at the same time).

Secondly, I am a little embarrassed to admit that The Sound of Music contains the nearest thing C and I have to 'our song'. Not long after C and I got together (a mere 21 years ago) we confessed to each other that we both loved the song 'Something Good' from The Sound of Music. (C is straight, honestly!). So The Sound of Music is one of the films we can't watch together without blubbing. That and The Railway Children. But then everyone cries at The Railway Children ("Daddy, my Daddy ..." - you all know the bit).

I am slightly abashed to admit that we even played 'Something Good' at our wedding. It wasn't in church, I should add. Although it would have been quite funny to hear a church organ thundering out hits from the shows. Our wedding was one of those hotel jobs. We played it while we signed the register. I realise that sounds quite cheesy, and it probably was, but we enjoyed it.

When I'm feeling annoyed with C I have been known to amend the lyrics to 'Somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something BAD!', and sort of spit it at him. You can imagine. But mostly the song makes me feel fond of C and reminds me how very grateful I am to have him in my life.

As it's Valentine's Day, in an act of shameless sentimentality, here it is.

Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely husband.

Please excuse the lack of multi-media sophistication in this video. It is my first attempt!


  1. Well I think that's rather romantic

    I must confess to similar effect of Railway children....that's the moment that gets me too
    (That and Dumbo's mum reaching out of her prison to Dumbo gets me too and that's just a cartoon elephant..gosh there is no hope for me)

  2. I can't watch that bit from Dumbo.It's just too upsetting! One of the reasons why I cry at the Railway Children is that it was filmed near where I grew up, so there's lots of childhood nostalgia tied up with it too.

  3. aw- I always cry watching the Railway Children and The Snowman and even at the end of ET even though I KNOW what is going to happen and everyone laughs at me. The sound of music has such memories for me too- I remember learning all the songs on the back seat of a coach on a school trip to Belgium when I was 11, and dancing in a pantomime to the Lonely Goatherd dressed in a foul dirndl skirt and lacy blouse.

  4. Gill - shall I bring the CD to our weekend away...?? I'd love to see you dance the 'Lonely Goatherd'!