Saturday, 20 February 2010


It's odd how often this sort of thing happens. You start thinking about something or someone and then all of a sudden the very thing you are thinking about pops up in the wider world. There's probably some theory in quantum physics to explain it. Quantum physics or Buddhism.

C. is currently contributing to a book on the women about whom pop songs have been written. Sweet Caroline, Maggie May, Lola and so on. His plan on Monday was to write about the 'Sharona' in My Sharona by The Knack.   We awake on Monday morning to hear the announcement of Doug Fieger's death, the lead singer of The Knack and writer of the song - not to mention lover of the Sharona in the title. Spooky. My Sharona is definitely a defining song from my teenage years - and we were actually dancing to it in the living room 2 weeks ago, during a ridiculous, drink fuelled, impromptu '80s disco' with a couple of friends.

Then after recently blogging about The Railway Children, I hear the news that the director of the film,  Lionel Jeffries has died. Not only did Lionel Jeffries direct one of the best loved children's films, but of course, he played Grandpa Potts in another favourite,  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - remember him in his outhouse, being winched into the sky by The Baron Bombhurst's airship, whilst singing 'P.O.S.H'. Who can forget that!

I can look forward to a pleasant afternoon knitting and weeping infront of the tv soon, as the BBC will presumably show The Railway Children as a tribute. Or maybe a double bill with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

So farewell Lionel Jeffries and Doug Fieger and thank you.


  1. I recognise those kind of nights. Ours usually start with...'Let's get the vinyl out' and out comes the old record collection.
    Yes to The Railway Children being shown. As for Chitty Chitty Bang belongs with The Wizard of Oz in a Room 101 somewhere...

  2. Rattling On - being married to someone who used to run a mobile disco specialising in 'oldies' has its advantages! Every hit you can imagine from the 70s and 80s at your fingertips!

  3. Hello Rosie - have just found you (not through Rattling On, who is also a regular read, but through Erasmus Our Alaskan Cat) and will be back. Interesting to read about Edinburgh from someone who loves it - I lived there at a very unhappy phase of my life and can't quite manage to change my feelings about the place!

    I'm going to try your Rose Petal Ice Cream soon - sounds divine.....

  4. Rachel - welcome to my blog! Lovely to hear from you. I am sorry Edinburgh has unhappy associations for you. But that happens some time. I feel the same way about St Andrews. I will do my best to remind you of the good things about Edinburgh though! Rosie