Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sunday in Edinburgh, Part 2

I can't describe our stroll through Edinburgh on Sunday, without introducing you to an Edinburgh institution. South Clerk Street  in Newington is the home of The Edinburgh Bargain Store. It is an  enormous shop where you can buy all possible kinds of household goods. And all at absurdly cheap prices! C used to come here for props when he worked as a stage manager in Edinburgh 25 years ago. It's the sort of place you wander in , just to marvel at the absurd range of items available. Admittedly, much of it is tat.  I don't think John Lewis or Habitat are worried about the competition - but there's plenty of perfectly acceptable, if ordinary household stuff here as well. Every student flat in Edinburgh is equipped from EBS I suspect.

Multi-coloured tights? Fancy dress costumes? Sledge? Look no further.

Need some kitchenware? Try Lane 4 - glasses, crockery .....

....... Saucepans? Enamel bowls? Still in Lane 4. Note stepladder in picture above for scale. The picture below was taken beyond the stepladder.


Not enough choice? Don't worry. Just turn to your left and look .......

I am sure you can find what you want somewhere here.

Need any towels, sheets, knitting wool, haberdashery, stationery, coffee pots, tea pots, small electrical goods, wastebins, ironing boards, linen hampers, baskets, artificial flowers, tools, toys, picture frames, lights ... well you'll find them in Lanes 1-3.

Want to stock up on old-style lightbulbs, now they've stopped making them? Here are a few.

And finally, the Great Wall of Kitchen Utensils. And yes. It can be seen from space.

Just to get a sense of the real scale of this wonder, here's my 6'3" husband standing infront of it. And please note that the wall stretches three times as far as this picture shows. And then round the corner a bit.

It is impossible to come in here and not buy anything. The other weekend we came in here with some friends, 'just to look', and I came out with 12 coloured water glasses, a tub of Astonish oven cleaner, and some wet wipes.


  1. my mother will be along for illegal lightbulbs any day now!

  2. Oh, please, hide my ATM card! ;-)
    I love stores like that!