Thursday, 25 March 2010

Haar haar!

I've had a very busy month. As ever, when lots is going on and I feel as if I have plenty of good things to share, I'm too busy (or knackered) to write anything. Today however, I am enjoying the first quiet day at home I've had for a few weeks and watching the 'haar' roll in. The 'haar' is a very particular Edinburgh phenomenon - a sea mist that appears out of nowhere and steadily cloaks the city in a grey blanket of water vapour. It can happen at any time of year. One minute the sun is shining and then the next minute the temperature drops and the damp mist seeps its way through the streets. It's all very Jekyll and Hyde.

This is the view from my window at 5pm in the afternoon. It's been like this since about 10am. It doesn't depress me. I quite like 'interesting' weather. And it doesn't last - well, not longer than a day anyway. I know spring is out there somewhere.

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  1. We get plenty of this as well. The ultimate in bad hair weather...