Friday, 2 April 2010


When will I learn just to leave well alone? I decided I would redesign the look of my blog a little. Try and make it look a bit smarter. Well, after 2 fruitless hours trying out different templates, different photos, I'm practically back at square one. Well, worse than square one. I've lost my greengage photo. When I tried to put it back in it appears as a giant photo, or only one corner appears, but magnified to grotesque proportions.

I give up. For now at least. So it's a very half-finished blog just at the moment. Ho hum.


  1. Tip of the iceberg.

    What does it say about a relationship when you communicate with your wife via blog comment, when you are sitting 2 doors away across the hall? :-)

  2. Much as I love blogging, sometimes Typepad drives me to despair - they keep changing things, and the actual post never looks like my 'compose' version!!

  3. I had to change to Firefox instead of Windows as I couldn't compose anything at all some days! Mostly ok now.
    Keep persevering, I'm sure it'll come out fine in the end. Maybe an overnight rest will restore some of the settings- a reboot can sometimes sort it all out. (my word verification was wingias!!!!!)