Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter!

It's Easter. The annual festival of chocolate. The pretty eggs above arrived yesterday, courtesy of C, filled with a Creme Egg, some Ferrero Rocher and in the large egg, a Chocolate Orange. But that wasn't all.

Aw. Look at that poor, lonely little rabbit.

Oh. It's ok. He has a little friend.
Wait a minute. Who's this?

It's Mummy Rabbit! Aw. Sweet.
Hold on. What's this I hear? The jingle of a little bell. The thump of chocolate feet approaching.
Who can it be?

It's Daddy Rabbit!

I think all the chocolate I have eaten in the last few days has sent me slightly mad! Ferrero Rocher are like crack cocaine for me. I know they're tacky. I know it's crappy chocolate, with about 2% cocoa solids. I don't care. I'm with 'His Excellency' on this one. The chocolate orange will have to be deposited in a lead box and buried a mile underground, so I can't hear it calling to me.  The rabbits arrived gradually during the previous week. They are probably safe for a while. They are too cute to eat, with their whiskers and little red ribbons. But I know a day will come when C will find me, smeared in chocolate and surrounded by gold paper and some tiny little gold bells. It's sad being an addict. But a very happy, grateful addict.


  1. Hi, popped over from Swaledale to say Hi, I am also an addict , A chocolate fiend, lost 4 stone over last year, but the dirty substance has me in its grip!!Love your blog, I have bookmarked it and going to enjoy working through past posts. where was whittards? love the sound of violet creams, my god how did i miss this shop!! best wishes from rainy Swaledale, ps I lived in Fife for four years, love Edinburgh!!

  2. Fortunately I don't like Ferrero Rocher - but i have been indulgin in Cadbury's .....

  3. HI, just popped back to say thanks ,i read about whittikers creams on your blog, yum yum ,next time i am in Skipton a bee line will be made...noticed you loved coverdale, I lived ther before moving to Swaledale, I lived in a very old house in Carlton, do you know it, the Forresters arms pub there? any way best wishes,Linda. glad you have made contact!!!

  4. My Dad is with you on the Ferrero Rocher...I'm not keen at all. I have eaten some Thornton'e egg though today. It's given me awful stomach ache and I feel dreadful. Serves me right...

  5. Rattling On - "some Thornton's egg" - your tolerance must be very low if that gives you a stomache ache!! Poor you. Or lucky you! Not sure which. :-)

  6. It always makes me feel guilty murdering those rabbits, but they are SO yummy!

  7. still searching for peanut butter Lindor...