Sunday, 4 April 2010


Despite the recent, wintry spell of weather, spring is definitely taking hold. Never mind the sight of the snowdrops and daffodils in the parks and gardens. Never mind the sound of courting birds. The real evidence of spring is the fact that today I made my first visit of the year to the garden centre. 

These days, living in a first floor flat,  our 'garden' is confined to a few window boxes and the scope for plant-buying  is necessarily curtailed. Which is probably good news -  for the bank balance, and for  plants, as I've killed far more plants than I've ever managed to nurture to maturity. I suffer from an excess of enthusiasm in the first stage of any project and a dearth of sustained energy as time passes. This counts for gardening just as much as it counts for knitting, sewing, and PhD theses!

It's something of a relief knowing that I have no choice but to limit my ambitions to a few bedding plants rather than purchase on the basis of  extravagant planting schemes, which never quite come off , because I don't get round to planting everything out, or I forget to water things. Thanks to a herculean and unusual exercise in self-discipline I did manage to keep the plants in my window boxes alive all last summer.  I even transplanted the perennial geraniums into pots, in order to keep them inside until the following year. Unfortunately, they went into the back bedroom, where they got forgotten. Look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to inexcusable neglect of plants.

Last summer's geraniums.

Nonethless, with the triumph once more of hope over experience, or self-delusion over self awareness, I treated myself to some cheerful, chintzy primulas to celebrate spring.

And I can't resist old-fashioned violets and pansies. These are a very Victorian dark red.

In a week or so, there will either be some nice pics of window boxes in full flower - or some pictures of withered, dried out plants still in their polystyrene boxes from the garden centre. Fingers crossed.


  1. "I suffer from an excess of enthusiasm in the first stage of any project and a dearth of sustained energy as time passes."
    Beautifully put and Snap! lol

  2. Val - glad I'm not the only one!