Sunday, 6 March 2011

Barking Mad in the Botanics

A  further installment of photos from my recent trip to Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.

Since starting this blog and trying to take more photos, I've been struck by the different scale and perspectives that characterise people's photos. C's photos are often architectural details - carvings, door lintels, high up on buildings (he's tall!). My friend S will produce close-ups of tiny details of flowers or food. I tend to take photos of broad vistas and landscapes. I suspect I could devise some kind of personality theory based on habitual photography style. If I had the energy. It's certainly true that C and S are both detail people, while I am a big picture person, and tend to think in generalisations rather than concrete details.

I remember reading about this notion of habitual scale of perspective in a book on creativity by choreographer Twyla Tharp. She suggested that you should practise changing your scale of perspective - from broad to narrow, from large to small, in order to develop your creative faculties. (You understand that the number of books on creativity I own is in inverse ratio to the amount of actual creative activity I undertake. Same goes for books on time management and dieting!). So I have been trying to focus more on visual details and close-ups when taking photos, just to see what happens.

In the Botanics in February, there isn't much in bloom, and not all that much in leaf in the gardens. Undistracted by pretty flowers, my eye was drawn more to the shapes and textures provided by the trunks and branches of the trees. Once I started looking, it was amazing how much colour and texture tree bark provided in the drab winter garden. So here is my little exhibition of bark! I haven't retouched any of the pictures. These are the real colours of the bark.

This last picture is my favourite. The pattern on the bark makes me think of the indistinct figures in the weathered stone carvings on a medieval church.

Doorway of Notre Dame - Paris, July 2009
 - ironically, my close up of architectural detail, not C's.
Look at these picture of Rosslyn Chapel too.


  1. Hello! You're back! Jolly good. You seem to have been back for quite a while, but somehow I failed to notice; I'll have to move you to my front page, as it were, as that way you won't lie forgotten for a month again. The Botanic Gardens are superb, aren't they; I'll have to make a trip in the Spring. My sister and I were seriously mugged by a squirrel there, just inside the gates - it was twice the size of the others, probably because it got to every visitor first and didn't think twice about tapping your foot if you weren't fast enough with the wallet/mobile phone - sorry, tasty edibles.

  2. Great shots. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - Sharrow Vale road is still as vibrant (if not more so) than ever. xxxxx

  3. My daughter and I were planning to go to the Botanics today, but the weather was seriously untempting...

    Great photos.